Welcome to SSAGO Bookswap


Sign up by the end of Wednesday 18th November for the bookswap and get a lovely book to enjoy during this weird old year!! Each participant will be given someone to buy for and will have someone buying for them Secret Santa style! Click "Take Part" below and fill in your details and some information about what kind of books you like to join in!

After the 18th November everyone will be randomly assigned their sender/sendee and will need to order a book to be delivered to their house (or send one you already have/bought locally if you so wish) by the end of the month. We encourage you to support an Indie bookshop where possible (check the "Suggested Websites" page for some inspiration on how to do this).

Once everyone has been assigned their senders/sendees you can communicate with each other via the "The Swap!" page. This is a good place to let each other know the book is on it's way and when to expect it. We would also be grateful if you could update the "Status" part of your booking to let us know if you have sent/received your book to ensure everyone get's one!

We suggest £15 as a maximum cost including postage, so please keep this in mind when purchasing a book and when making your suggestion.

We'd love to see what books you get sent so please feel free to share them on the SSAGO Facebook Group and Discord and encourage your SSAGO friends to get involved

But most importantly: Happy Reading!

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If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.